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Product Name:
Grape Seed
Product Specification:
Product Efficiency:
Provides Anti-oxidation
Anti-allergic Support
The Main Composition and Content:
Grape Seed Extract 95%     80mg (standardized to contain polyphenols, 40 mg)
Product Advantage:
⒈ Selecting natural raw materials,high quality and better effect. Has a very high grape seed purity, the purity of 95%. with vitamin C, vitamin E, to better play its antioxidant function.
⒉ The grape seed purity is the highest, the most abundant content of Proanthocyanidins,it is the strongest antioxidant.
Product Function:
⒈Reduce the melanin pigmentation, enhance the efficacy of skin whitening.
⒉To improve the skin anti oxidation and enhance the function of skin collagen, prevent skin relaxation and wrinkle generation.        
⒊To enhance the collagen fibers in the vessel wall, improve the adverse venous blood circulation.
⒋To reduce the risk, prevention of cardiac vascular disease.
⒌To reduce the platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis,  and reduce the phenomenon of arterial porridge.
⒍To improve and strengthen the anti oxidative function of brain, to prevent brain cell disease, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
⒎To improve the allergic constitution.
Applicable People:
⒈ The adolescents, the adults and the aged.               
⒉People with allergic constitution.
⒊Patients undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
⒋Valetudinarian and people with varicosity.
Suggested Use:
Take one or two tablets daily, preferably with a meal.

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