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ALASKA K-LEX Calcium Citrate

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Product Name:
Calcium Citrate
Product Specification:
Product Efficiency:
For Strong Bones and Teeth
The Main Composition and Content:
Calcium Citrate    950mg

Vitamin   D3     250IU
Product Advantage:
⒈It is more easily absorbed by the human body. Calcium citrate can   directly dissolved in water, It’s more easily absorbed than calcium carbonate

High bioavailability.
⒊Without side effects, calcium citrate does not stimulate the intestines, even when it is on an empty stomach.
⒋To inhibit the occurrence of kidney stones.
Product Function:  
⒈ To promote the growth and development of bone teeth.

⒉To improve osteoporosis.
⒊Participate in coagulation and activation of enzymes in vivo
⒋To protect the colon. Combined with bile acids in the intestinal tract of harmful fat, To form calcium salts and to discharge them in vitro, reducing the colon stimulation, reduce the occurrence of colon cancer.
Applicable People:
⒈People who need calcium, such as the growing period adolescents, the pregnant women,the menopause persons and the elderly.

⒉People who want to prevent osteoporosis, osteomalacia, rickets, muscle twitching .
⒊People who eat less milk and dairy products; and those who eat less green leaves and nuts.
 ⒋People have a high salt diet and often drink coffee, tea, cola.
Suggested Use:
Take one or two tablets daily, preferably with a meal.

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