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Product Name:
Product Specification:
100 tablets
Product Efficiency:
High Absorption Fight Osteoporosis
The Main Composition and Content:
Calcium     334mg
Magnesium  134mg

Zinc         5mg
Vitamin D3   134I.U
Product Advantage:
⒈Selecting natural raw materials.The extraction from pollution-free deep sea shells, pure natural quality, more easily absorbed
⒉Calcium, magnesium, zinc three kinds of nutritional components of synergy, better nutritional effect.
Applicable People:
⒈People who need to strengthen the health of the bones and muscles, the slow growth of young people.                 
⒉People with low gastrointestinal function
⒊People who wants to maintain skin health.
⒋People of high sexual desire or low sexual desire and arrhythmia people
Suggested Use:
Take one tablet daily, preferably with a meal.

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